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Home Occupations

A resident requesting a business license for a home-based business will need to fill out an application for a permit for Home Occupation A or B and an application for a business license.
Currently the cost of a home-based permit is $50.00
Cost of a Daily Business License (One Day Only) is $25.00
Cost of a Yearly Business License is $50.00 (reduced to $25.00 after September 30th).
Sec. 3. b of the Bylaw provides that the fee shall be doubled for a person who commences or carries on business prior to obtaining a license.
Home Occupation A
The development Officer is authorized, as provided for in section 16 of the Land Use Bylaw, to decide upon any of the home occupations listed below as Home Occupation A only if:
  • The use involves phone and office only
  • The use involves no outdoor storage
  • There is no display of goods on the interior of the residence
  • All sales occur off the premises
  • The use complies with the general standards (see below)
If there is doubt as to whether a proposed home occupation is a Home Occupation A, then the development officer may refer the application to the Municipal Planning Commission for a decision.
Home Occupation B

The Municipal Planning Commission, as provided for in section 17 of the Land Use Bylaw, is to decide upon any of the home occupations listed below as Home Occupation B only if:
  • There is a limited volume of on-premises sales
  • The proposed storage is not exposed to pubic view
  • There is a limited display proposed for the inside of the building
  • The use complies with the general standards (see below)
General Standards

Home occupations may be approved subject to the following conditions:
  • Except with the approval of the Municipal Planning Commission, no person other than the applicant and one paid assistant shall be engaged in such occupations on the premises.
  • No variation in the external appearance and residential character of land or building shall be permitted
  • No advertising sign shall be permitted except a Municipal Planning Commission approved name plate not exceeding 0.2m squared or such greater size as deemed appropriate, attached to the residence.
  • The use shall not be a kind likely to generate traffic problems within the district.
  •  Except with the approval of the Municipal Planning Commission, no commercial vehicles of a capacity greater than 681 kg (3/4 ton) shall be parked or maintained on or above the lot concerned.
  •  No offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odors, heat or glare discernable beyond the property lines shall be produced by the use.
  • All permits issued for home occupations shall be subject to the condition that the permit may be revoked at any time if, in the opinion of the Municipal Planning Commission, the use is or has become detrimental to the amenities of the neighborhood.
  • All home occupations are approved for a period not exceeding one year and will be reviewed in December of each year.
  • Home occupations shall not include:
    • activities that use or store hazardous materials
    • Any use that would, in the opinion of the Municipal Planning Commission, materially interfere with or affect the use, enjoyment or value of neighboring properties
    • Any use declared by resolution of the council to be undesirable as a home occupation. 

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